TAIT designs: graphic design, web design, art studio


Christine M Tait:

B.S. in Visual Communication/Graphic Design

20+ years experience in graphic design -- in the US and Europe -- working for ad agencies, design firms, state agencies, print shops, and her own business.

Competitive swimmer. Swim instructor. Synchronized Swimming instructor & coach.

Active outdoors enthusiast.

User of power tools and a DSLR camera (not necessarily at the same time).

Herds sheep with her Australian Shepherds.

World traveler.

Seeker of beauty, energy, and happiness.

Christine takes pride in her work and her company. She finds inspiration in the natural beauty of the great outdoors. When she's not in her studio, swimming, or planning her next adventure, you'll findChristine and her pups Christine somewhere outside -- hiking up mountains, working in the yard, skiing, sailing, camping -- with her two happy, nub-wagging canines by her side.

Life is good. No... Life is great!

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